Barnas rehabilitering Igalo

Children’s rehabilitation has been designed to satisfy polyvalent and interdisciplinary needs in rehabilitation of children, from birth until the age of 16 years.

The program is created by a multidisciplinary team (physiatrist specializing in children’s pathology, pediatrician, defectologist, speech therapist, psychologist, nurse, therapists), through an individual approach and with an active participation of parents.

djecija rehabilitacija institut igalo

Indikacije za rehabilitaciju su:

  • congenital anomalies and deformities of locomotor apparatus
  • locomotor apparatus injuries
  • peripheral and central nervous system lesions
  • rheumatological diseases in remission phases
  • acquired spinal deformities and growth diseases
  • respiratory diseases
  • delayed psychomotor development
  • conditions after hip surgeries (due to congenital hip dysplasia, epiphysiolysis, Perthes disease)
  • birth injuries (torticollis, brachial plexus lesions)
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Therapy program includes: kinesitherapy (individual or group), hydrokinesitherapy in the swimming pool or Hubbard bathtub, manual massage, pearl bath, peloidotherapy, paraffin, occupational therapy, logopedic treatment.


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