Hjärtrehabilitering Igalo Montenegro

Cardiac rehabilitation of patients after myocardial infarction, with stable angina pectoris, after heart surgeries (stent implantation, coronary bypass, heart valve surgeries…) and high blood pressure.

kardioloska rehabilitacija institut igalo

Team approach (specialists in physical and rehabilitative medicine, cardiologists, clinical psychologists, nutritionists, physiotherapists specialized in cardiology, nurses trained to provide non-invasive diagnostic procedures of rehabilitation and specialists in other medical fields) has a key role in creating rehabilitation programs, which are conducted through strictly dosed physical activities (interval training on threadmill or bicycle, walking, swimming, muscle exercises monitored by purposely educated staff).

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Anti-stress program – psychosocial adaptation and behevioral consultation, education with respect to nourishment and other risk factors (smoking, poor physical activities, alcohol) make an integral part of the cardiac rehabilitation.

Physiotherapy modalities applied – hydrotherapy, kinesitherapy, electrotherapy, manual massage, lymphatic drainage.


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