The application of ultrasound with a frequency of 0.75 to 3 MHz, which is a range inaudible to the human ear, has found wide use in physical therapy. Ultrasound has mechanical and thermal properties.

The beneficial therapeutic effect of ultrasound as a physical modality is reflected in the following therapeutic effects: analgesic, spasmolytic, stimulating tissue regeneration, improving circulation and tissue elasticity.

Ultrasound therapy

Ultrasound is applied through an ultrasound probe in several ways – direct contact, through water, or by sonophoresis. Direct contact between the probe and the skin can be in the form of a stable method – when the probe does not move and a thermal effect is achieved, or labile methods – when the probe head is slowly moved in a circular motion and no thermal effect is obtained. The penetration and absorption of ultrasound depends on the frequency, so the higher it is, the more ultrasound is absorbed and the less it penetrates, and vice versa. Ultrasound with a frequency of 3 MHz penetrates to a depth of 2 cm, and a frequency of 1 MHz to a depth of 6 cm. Which frequency will be applied depends on the depth at which the pathological process being treated is located. The highest absorption is in tissues with little water and more collagen, namely bones, cartilages, joints, capsules, tendons, and the lowest is in blood, fat tissue and muscles.


Ultrasound can also be applied through water – underwater ultrasound and is usually used in distal parts of the body (hands and feet) and on other uneven surfaces, for example the elbow, where it is more difficult to apply ultrasound.


Sonoferesis is the procedure of introduction of drugs by means of ultrasound, usually in the form of creams and gels. The most commonly used drugs are corticosteroids or analgesics.

The duration of sounding depends on the pathological process, in acute conditions it is 5 minutes, and in chronic conditions it is 10 minutes. The treatment series consists of 10 procedures, followed by a 4-week break.

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Indications for the use of ultrasound therapy:

Injuries, especially of soft tissues, diseases of the joints and spine, extra-articular rheumatism, muscle spasm, subacute and chronic soft tissue inflammation (tendinitis, tendovaginitis, enthesitis, bursitis), joint contractures, degenerative joint diseases.


Ultrasound is not used in the area of malignant tumors, pelvis and abdomen during pregnancy, acute infections, thrombophlebitis, acute injuries, in patients with pacemakers. It is not used in children under the age of 12. It is not used in the region of the heart, gonads, brain and spinal cord, eye and spleen.

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