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Rheumatological rehabilitation deals with degenerative rheumatic diseases, inflammatory rheumatism and non-articular rheumatism.

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Degenerative rheumatic diseases

Degenerative rheumatic diseases include arthrosis of peripheral joints and spinal column as the most frequent diseases in aged people.

Multidisciplinary team approach in creation of rehabilitation program tailored to patients and their needs is aimed to relieve or reduce pain, increase joint mobility, strengthen weakened muscles, with the final goal to enable the best possible performance in activities of daily living (ADL) and to prevent disability. Therapy modalities are different: indoor or water exercises, peloid applications, mineral baths, massage, electrotherapy, ultrasound therapy, magnetotherapy, laser therapy…

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Rehabilitation of patients with inflammatory rheumatic diseases

Rehabilitation of patients with inflammatory rheumatic diseases implies primarily treatment of rheumatoid arthritis – RA, ankilosyng spondylitis – SA, psoriatic arthritis-PsA, as well as metabolic arthropathies, with gout as the most frequent disease.

The Institute Igalo has been successfully provided a complex and functional treatment of such patients for more than 40 years. The treatment includes balneotherapy (mineral water in bathtubs and therapy pools, peloid), individual and/or group indoor and water exercises, occupational therapy, dosed aerob training program, manual massages, ultrasound therapy, magnetotherapy, laser therapy, electrotherapy. An optimum duration of treatment is 3 weeks.

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Non-articular rheumatism

Rehabilitation program for the patients with non-articular rheumatism is intended for the following diseases: enthesopathy, bursitis, tendinitis, fibromyalgia, miofascial pain syndrome.

Individual therapy approach with the use of balneo therapy, individual/group exercises in the gyms and heated mineral water pools, massage (manual, underwater, reflex) ultrasound, electrotherapy, magnetotherapy, laser therapy, education of patients. Optimum duration of the program is 2 – 3 weeks.

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