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Treatment with healing mud (peloid) for therapeutic purposes has been used for thousands of years. Thanks to such mud that is formed in the Igalo bay within the Bay of Kotor, Igalo and the “Dr. Simo Milošević” Institute became known worldwide. The healing properties of the Igalo mud were confirmed in 1935 in Vichy (France), and the Spa and Climatic Health Resort was established in Igalo in 1949.

Igalo’s healing mud (peloid) is extracted from the sea in the Igalo Bay and is characterized by a high content of minerals and biologically active substances.

It is formed by the deposition of mineral deposits of the Sutorina river and sea water, with the participation of a specific world of marine flora and fauna, which is significantly contributed by the shallow waters of the sea, abundant solar radiation, soft soil, favorable geohydrological and climatological factors.

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The organic component of the healing mud comes from Posidoniae oceanica, a sea grass whose lush meadows cover large areas of the seabed at the bottom of which the peloid is found.

The appearance and consistency of the Igalo’s healing mud is oily, black in color, with a faint smell of sulfur-hydrogen. After it is taken out of the sea, it is stored and then thermally processed at 60°C, so that it is clean and safe for use, and on the other hand, so that excessive temperature does not destroy its healing properties.

The application of this mud in the tissues leads to the expansion of blood vessels, increased blood and lymph circulation, which accelerates the resorption of harmful-pathological products and swelling, and thus has a favorable effect on the inflammatory process, primarily at the site of application. Tissue trophicity is also improved and regenerative processes are accelerated. It has an analgesic effect on pain symptoms, and an antispasmodic effect on increased muscle tone.

The therapeutic effect of the Igalo’s peloid has been proven both experimentally and clinically.

Diseases in which the healing mud is used are most often degenerative and inflammatory rheumatism – arthrosis, spondylosis, disc herniation and other discopathies, periarthritis, bursitis, tendinitis, enthesopathies, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis. The use of mud is especially important in post-traumatic contractures, as an introductory therapy after which kinesiotherapy can be applied more easily and effectively. The benefits of healing mud are also reflected in cases of delayed callus formation, conditions after dislocations and fractures, and conditions after peripheral nerve injuries. It is also used in gynecological diseases: adnexitis, parametritis, endometritis, in secondary sterility.

Healing mud (peloid) is applied in the form of:


locally, on certain parts of the body (except for the front part of the chest – heart and head) heated at a temperature of 42 to 450C. The patient is then wrapped in plastic wrap, a sheet and a blanket. The total duration of the procedure is 20 minutes.


which are obtained by mixing healing mud and mineral water, depending on whether they need to be thicker or thinner, and are heated to a temperature of 390C. They can be applied as half baths or full-body baths.The duration of the procedure is 15 minutes.

Sadržaj minerala:

IngredientTotal (%)
S total0.47
P inorganic0.035
P organic0.014
N total0.14