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Mineral waters represent a special type of underground water that erupts on the Earth’s surface in the form of a spring, and contains dissolved mineral substances or gases and has a healing effect. Many also call these waters healing or thermo-mineral waters, depending on the total mineralization, content of gases, trace elements, ionic composition, concentration of radioactivity, temperature and pH reaction.

The “Dr. Simo Milošević” Institute in Igalo uses mineral water that springs near the mouth of the river Sutorina into the sea, along the sea coast itself, where there are several sources of mineral water, four of which are large. This mineral water belongs to the group of sodium chloride waters. Its composition is dominated by minerals and bioactive substances – sodium chloride, hydrocarbons, sulfates, calcium, magnesium and other ingredients.

The medicinal properties of this water were tested on large groups of patients with various diseases, who were undergoing physical treatment and rehabilitation at the “Dr. Simo Milošević” Institute in Igalo, and it was also confirmed by the chemical institutes of the faculties in Belgrade and Zagreb.

This healing water improves circulation (vasodilator), reduces muscle tension (spasmolytic), reduces pain (analgesic) and generally relaxes.

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At the Igalo Institute this water is used heated to a temperature of 36°-38° in baths: pearl bath, underwater shower massage, mineral bath, salt baths.

“Igaljka” mineral water and healing mud are mixed in peloid baths, which, depending on the amount of added healing water, can be thicker or thinner.

The pools are filled with water that is heated to 33°-34° and in which hydrokinesitherapy exercises are performed, in groups or individually.

There are a large number of diseases for which mineral water “Igaljka” can be used, and the most common are: chronic rheumatic diseases, rheumatic diseases of muscle and connective tissue, diseases of the peripheral nervous system, trauma conditions and operations of the locomotor system, chronic gynecological and certain skin diseases.

At the Igalo Institute, “Igaljka” healing water is not used for drinking, but it is used in inhalations because its secretolytic effect (dissolves secretions in the respiratory tract) has been proven, so it has a beneficial effect on diseases of the respiratory system.

The best results in physical treatment and rehabilitation are obtained by combining the application of active procedures (exercises in swimming pools and gyms, outdoor exercises) with passive procedures, in which the main role is played by healing mud and “Igaljka” mineral water.

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