Kinesiotherapy, as a part of physical medicine, refers to the repetition of certain movements (exercises) for the purpose of prevention, treatment and/or rehabilitation of the patient to preserve or improve his/her physical and mental health. At the Igalo Institute, we are committed to the use of the latest kinesiotherapy methods to provide our patients with comprehensive support in achieving their optimal condition.

What is Kinesiotherapy?

Kinesiotherapy is a therapeutic approach that relies on systemized movements to improve an individual’s health. This therapy not only includes the movements of the whole body or its individual parts, but it is also carried out through carefully selected exercises. What makes kinesiotherapy extremely important is its holistic approach, engaging not only the locomotor system, but also other organ systems, including cardiovascular, respiratory, endocrine and others. Therapeutic exercises take place in well-equipped rooms with great expertise of physiotherapists, whereas the treatments can be group or individual. Some of the kinesiotherapy procedures also take place outdoors (breathing exercises, brisk walking, walking on paths with a controlled degree of load…).


The Goal of Kinesiotherapy?

The main goal of kinesiotherapy at the Igalo Institute is the restoration of body functionality and the reduction of pain. Through individually tailored exercises, we work on strengthening muscles, improving joint mobility and restoring optimal body biomechanics. In addition, we focus on injury prevention and overall health improvement.

Kinesiotherapy aims to increase the muscle mass, elasticity, joint mobility, range of motion, circulation, and functioning of other organs.

Who is Kinesiotherapy recommended for?

Kinesiotherapy is recommended for everyone, but it is most often aimed at the recovery of patients after surgeries, sports injuries, degenerative joint and spine diseases. Also, this type of therapy is recommended for people with posture problems, including children, thus encouraging proper development and correction of deformities.

Kinesiotherapy is also a perfect choice for all the ones who want to improve their health, regardless of their age or current health condition, and is an excellent option for athletes who want to improve their performance or prevent injuries.


How is Kinesiotherapy performed?

At the “Dr. Simo Milošević” Institute in Igalo, a personalized physical program is prescribed for each patient, after a medical examination, in which individually dosed kinesiotherapy exercises play a crucial role in recovery. For the successful implementation of exercises within the kinesiotherapy, the supervision and professional help of the physiotherapist, who with his/her knowledge and experience, provides the necessary support, following every step of the patient during therapy, is crucial. His/her role is to adapt the exercises to the individual needs and abilities of the patient, thus ensuring their optimal therapeutic effect. Therapeutic exercises can include a variety of techniques, from stretching and muscle strengthening to balance and coordination exercises. They can be active and passive. Active exercises are performed independently by the patient under the supervision of a physiotherapist, and they help to strengthen muscles, improve mobility and functionality. Passive exercises are performed with patients who cannot independently perform active movements, so the physiotherapist manipulates the patient’s limbs or joints. This is crucial for maintaining mobility and preventing complications.

During their stay at the Igalo Institute, patients are educated: to continue performing adapted exercises even at home, about protective positions and movements with the aim of preventing repeated aggravation and acuteization of discomforts, and they are empowered to carry out all the activities necessary to achieve maximum functionality within the activities of daily life, which improves the quality of life itself.

Numerous references of foreign and domestic patients who return to the Igalo Institute over the years, in order to maintain the achieved state of health and improve it even more, can serve as proof of the Institute’s good and successful work.

Invest in your health and vitality. Let our expertise and commitment to your well-being be the key to strengthening your body and spirit.

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