Hydrotherapy is the external application of water for the purpose of prevention and treatment. This is one of the oldest forms of treatment and has been preserved to this day because of its benefits.

The three most important properties of water important for its application in physical medicine and rehabilitation are:

  • Water has a great ability to transfer thermal energy
  • Water has mechanical properties that are reflected in the forces of thrust and pressure
  • Water is an excellent solvent

Water is used for therapeutic purposes most often at an indifferent temperature of 34°C. It is the temperature at which the body receives and emits the smallest amount of heat, and therefore the thermal effect is the smallest. All pools at the Igalo Institute are filled with water heated to this temperature.

In addition, the water can be applied both colder and warmer, depending on the effect you want to achieve. This application mainly refers to the use of water locally, in bathtubs, and the water temperature can be: 10-20°- cold, 21-27° fresh, 28-33° lukewarm, 34° indifferent, 35-38° warm and 39- 42° hot. Application of very low and very high temperatures is possible only in short time intervals.

Mechanical properties of water – the thrust force is based on Archimedes’ law – a body immersed in water becomes lighter for the weight of the displaced liquid, i.e. has only 10% of body weight. This is very important in patients who are prohibited from full support due to an injury (fractures of parts of the legs, pelvis, spinal column), so walking exercises can be started much earlier in the water, or in patients who do not have sufficient muscle strength or range of motion, and who are in the water it is easier to perform movements with a significantly lower load on the segments and with a significantly lower engagement of muscle power.

Pressure force – facilitates the emptying of capillaries, improving circulation and reducing swelling.


Since water is also an excellent solvent, various chemicals can be added to it or naturally dissolved substances can be found in it: carbon dioxide, various salts, essential oils, radon, hydrogen sulfide.

Method of application of Hydrotreatment:

Hydrotherapy procedures can be carried out in pools and they are of a general type or in tubs and then a local effect is achieved.

The swimming pools at the Igalo Institute are adapted for performing exercises for both swimmers and non-swimmers, because the floor of the pool is flat according to the type of slope, with a shallower part at the beginning of the pool and a deeper part at the end of the pool. The maximum water depth is up to the patients’ shoulders. Also, in addition to the adapted staircase for entering the pool, an elevator is used for safer entry for immobile or less mobile patients.

Group exercises are performed in the pool: conditioning exercises, exercises for osteoporosis, exercises for cervical and lumbar syndrome, exercises for rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, operated disc herniation, exercises for patients with hip and knee endoprostheses… When performing these exercises, the physiotherapist stands at the edge of the pool and shows and monitors the performance of the exercises. Another way of performing exercises in the pool is individual exercise with a therapist. Then the physiotherapist is in the pool with the patient all the time and, depending on the functional state of the patient, fully or partially helps with the exercises.

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Indications for water application – all diseases and injuries!

Contraindications – hydrokinesitherapy of the general type should not be used in patients with severe heart, respiratory, urogenital and skin diseases.

Patients with controlled epileptic seizures can perform exercises under the constant supervision and control of a physiotherapist in the water. Patients with decubitu7s ulcerations on certain segments or incontinent (patients who cannot control urination and defecation) can use hydrotherapy procedures in a Habbard tank-tub adapted for assisted exercise.

Hydrokinesitherapy at the Igalo Institute is an effective therapeutic approach in rehabilitation and recovery. The combination of therapeutic exercises, knowledge and mineral water “Igaljka” provides numerous benefits for patients. Under the supervision of a professional team, patients can expect therapy that will help them achieve the best results. It is very important to mention that during your rehabilitation at the Igalo Spa, you will learn exercises from experienced physiotherapists, which you can continue to apply in your everyday life.