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The Institute for Physical Medicine, Rehabilitatiton and Rheumatology „Dr Simo Milosevic“ JSC Igalo is considered to be one of the largest and most famous institutions for multidisciplinary spa treatment on the Balkans. It is a pioneer of the modern physical and preventive medicine, rehabilitation, thalassotherapy and wellness, and became one of the leading international centers for rehabilitation of children, adults and seniors.

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Treatments we provide

The Igalo Institute, as a unique combination of hotel and rehabilitation center, approaches each guest through an individual medical program. Medical rehabilitation is based on team work and individually tailored rehabilitation programs. Each individual program aims to, with the help of a team of experts, and during the rehabilitation process accompanied by a therapist, primarily educate the patient about lifestyle, risk factors and medications, help eliminate specific health problems and prepare the patient for the further course of daily life activities, and all in order to reduce the occurrence of acute conditions.

What you can expect:

Medical check-up

After arrival at the Institute Igalo, you will get a medical check-up with one of our specialists in physical medicine. Before starting your treatment, our doctor will take your full medical history, find out more about your lifestyle and acute health issues, as well as examine you. This is to ensure there are no underlying contraindications to treatment and to fully understand the cause of your issue, not just react to the symptoms.

After the examination, you will get a program specifically tailored for your health condition at the moment, and start with treatment. Treatment goal is to help patients reach optimal level of function and independence, helping them to return to everyday activities.

Treatment procedures:

During your treatment program, your doctor and other medical staff will follow-up your rehabilitation process.

Patients are trained to carry on a therapeutic program at home. This physical therapy program is designed for patients individually by our medical team.

Before leaving, you will once again have a complete medical check-up and get a medical report.

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