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Don’t miss a chance to sail one of 10 most beautiful bays in the world. Sailing through the bay, you will see the Verige strait named after the chains, which used to be tightened in the narrowest place of the bay in order to provide protection from the enemy attack. After passing the Verige straits, you will have a view of two islands – the island of St. George and the island of Our Lady of the Rocks.

The island of Our Lady of the Rocks is a gathering place for many pilgrims and curious visitors. It was made by filling and widening of an artificial island around the cliff, on which the people of Perast built and decorated a temple, which is unique in the entire Mediterranean.

In front of the islands, there is the town of Perast, which was named the Illyric tribe Pirusta, and the prehistoric remains found in the cave of Spila above Perast, witness that man inhabited this area very early. In the center of Perast, there is a square (“piazza”) dominated by the St. Nicholas with its impressive 55 m high clock tower. The existing church dates back from the 17th century, and its construction was completed by erection of its magnificent clock tower in 1691. On the western wall of the church, there is a memory plaque with inscription carved into stone in the native language, and placed in honor of the victory of small-numbered populace of Perast in the battle against Turks, which took place on 15th May 1654. In honor and memory of such glorious victory, an event called Shooting of a cock takes place every 15th May until the present days, which is a festivity symbolizing the warrior spirit and skills shown then by the people of Perast.

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