Albania is a Southeastern European country, and borders with Montenegro on its northern part. At the territory of the present day Albania, the human activity has been present since the beginning of the human history. Its earliest population was probably of Indo-European origin, and inhabited the major part of the Mediterranean coast.

„Skadar on the river Bojana“ is one of the oldest towns in the Southern Europe, and is surrounded by three bodies of water: the Skadar Lake, and the rivers Bojana and Drim. The history of the Rosafa fortress, which dominates the town, is more than 2000 years old. The Rosafa fortress dates back to the Illyrian times. One popular legend is connected to the fortress.

The legend is based on fulfillment of a promise. Rosafa was the wife of the youngest of three brothers. She was walled in the fortress walls, in order to prevent them from falling down during the night. The water appearing between the stone blocks at the main entrance is told by the people to be the milk from Rosafa’s breasts.

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