Beauty center Igalo Spa

Positive effects of Igalo’s natural factors are generated not only through medical programs. The beneficial impacts of mud, mineral water and massage, along with aromatic fragrances, relaxing atmosphere and pleasant environment, are also applied at us for cosmetic purposes. These wellness and beauty programs are always accompanied by relaxation, restoration of life force energy and achieving inner peace and balance.

Therefore, don’t miss the chance to pamper your body and soul in our beauty center, where our professional cosmeticians, with the help of up-to-date equipment and selected preparations, will provide you a high quality service, and thus enable skin cells renewal, as well as face and body refreshment by the use of latest cleaning, peeling, drainage and regenerative bathing technologies.

Services at the Beauty Center

Beauty center / pricelist:

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Beauty packages:

Services and Treatments available at the Beauty Center:

  • ANTI-CELLULITE TREATMENT – includes treatment of extremities and abdominal region by the use of electrical appliances, ionozon bath and vibro massage, manual massage, lymphatic drainage
  • CELUTRON – modulated currents breaking down cellulite and stimulates circulation
  • ENDOVAC - interferent currents, which tone the muscles of abdominal area and legs
  • VIBRO MASSAGE – massage by the use of appliances aimed at circulation improvement and elimination of toxins
  • IONOZON BATH – a sitting bath for detoxification and elimination of toxins, with oxygen and essential oils added
  • LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE – elimination of toxins, secretion of accumulated fluids, circulation improvement, decrease of edema
  • AROMA MASSAGE – for relaxation, with essential oils added
  • Currently offerred services: hot wax hair removal.
  • Face and decollete massage
  • Hydratation, cleaning and peeling
  • Mask

Massage maintains face and neck muscles tonus, and prevents onset of wrinkles and chin folds.

Massage activates blood circulation, and thus enhances nourishment of tissue and elimination of toxins from the skin.

  • MANICURE – hand skin and nail care, a very important one, performed by rubbing creams in combination with paraffin packages, in addition to the use of mild peeling, whereby a long-term effect of well cared satin-like hand skin is achieved
  • PEDICURE – nail and foot care – aromatic relaxing baths, supplemented by foot massage