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Natural factors - "Igaljka" mineral water

Natural factors - "Igaljka" mineral water

There are several springs of mineral water close to the mouth of the small Sutorina river. Its content is dominated by minerals and bioactive substances – Na(+), Ca (2+), Mg (2+), as well as chlorides, hydrocarbonates and sulphates.

Igaljka mineral water is a very important factor in treatment and rehabilitation, since acting as vasodilator (repairs damaged circulation), spasmolytic (reduces muscle tension), analgesic (relieves pain), and has a general relaxing effect.

Indication area for mineral water application is very wide – there belong different chronic rheumatic diseases, rheumatic diseases of muscular and connective tissue, diseases of peripheral nervous system, conditions of trauma and surgeries of locomotory apparatus and certain skin diseases.

Water is used when heated at 36 - 38 0C in combination with hydrokinesi therapy in therapy pools, and also as hydrotherapy under pressure – "pearl bath", for underwater douche-massage, salty bath...

Mineral content:

Cations mg/l
Sodium 701
Potassium 25
Calcium 93
Magnesium 88
Anions mg/l
Chlorides 1265
Sulphates 183
Bicarbonates 223