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Natural factors - Peloid

Natural factors - Peloid

Igaljski peloid (mud) is extracted from the sea in the Bay of Igalo, and is characterized by high mineral contents and biologically active substances.

Mud is created by deposition of mineral alluvium of the river Sutorina and seawater, with participation of specific marine flora and fauna, significantly contributed by shallow depth of the sea, abundance of sun radiation, soft soil, favorable geohydrological and climatic factors. Therapy effect of the Igalo peloid has been proved, both experimentally and clinically, in large number of patients.

Thanks to this, Igalo developed into the largest and best peloid-based health resorts in the world.

Peloid is applied in form of:


on certain body parts (except at the fore part of the thorax – heart and head) at a temperature of 42 - 45 0C.

Peloid applications act analgesically, stimulate regenerative processes and have a beneficial effect on local inflammatory processes.


which are obtained by mixing of peloids with mineral water at a temperature of 39 0C. Their beneficial effect is demonstrated through regulation of neurovegetative balance and stimulation of bioenergetic processes.

Ingredient Total (%)
SiO2 44.85
Al2O3 9.00
Fe2O3 4.67
TiO2 0.61
MnO 0.15
CaO 15.53
MgO 2.86
K2O 1.55
Na2O3 1.38
Na+ 0.75
K+ 0.024
Ca2+ 0.016
Mg2+ 0.025
Cl- 1.07
SO42- 0.028
SO3 0.13
S total 0.47
P inorganic 0.035
P organic 0.014
N total 0.14
CO2 13.93