Natural factors

Natural factors are concentrated in Igalo in a significant number. From ancient times, these factors were used by the inhabitants of this area for treatment of various diseases. Before the Institute came to existence, the patients used to come to Igalo in order to extract the mud from shallow water for their mud body wraps, and drink mineral water called “slatina”, thus trying to treat themselves in that way. Due to an organized medicinal use of these natural factors, Igalo developed from a small natural health resort into the present Institute Igalo, which is known worldwide as the center for rehabilitation of patients with a wide range of diseases.

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Igaljski peloid (mud) is extracted from the sea in the Bay of Igalo, and is characterized by high mineral contents and biologically active substances.

Natural factors - Igaljka mineral water

Igaljka mineral water is a very important factor in treatment and rehabilitation, since acting as vasodilator (repairs damaged circulation), spasmolytic (reduces muscle tension), analgesic (relieves pain), and has a general relaxing effect.