Children’s playroom

Children’s playroom

A new and modernly equipped children playroom, with a large number of different amenities for children is open inside the Phase I facility of the Institute Igalo. It is a unique and comfortable corner for carefree children’s playing for hours, which offers an abundance of funny games for kids. Our animators will take care of your children, while you are taking rest or enjoy in the Institute’s offers in some other way.

  • Psihološke radionice

    The visitors and clients of the children’s playroom „Aquarium“ operated by us are all children from our town, in addition to the children undergoing rehabilitation treatment at the Institute. What makes us different from other playrooms having amenities and animation children’s birthdays (labyrinth, ball pool, karaoke...) are psychology and creative workshops that will be led by Institute’s experts in this field. It is our wish to provide a place, where children will gather, talk and acquire the skills, which are not offered by formal education in such scope and manner.

    In workshops, children will learn the skills of more successful, non-violent communication and emotional literacy and assertiveness which, when accepted and implemented on long-term basis, increase the level of satisfaction and self-acceptance in children, and reduce violent behaviour among peers for a longer period, as the children clearly communicate recognized needs in a socially acceptable way. Workshops for children who experienced traumatic event and/or loss will be also available.

    The children eligible to attend workshops are aged 5-8 years, 9-12 years and 12-15 years. If there is an interest shown by adolescent population, we will also organize „chat rooms” with chat topics teenagers are interested in (revolt, shame, sexuality, relationships, selection of profession...).

    Workshops are offered in packages of 10 sessions each, and will take place each Saturday according to the schedule agreed with the group.

    Registration by phone at: 330–276 or by e-mail at: e-mail:, or at the office of the Institute’s agency InIg.